Saturday, March 20, 2010


The VIP invites to Singapore Cleo Bachelor Night 2010 :D
Sarpork Mr. Xavier* @ Zirca

As usual, with late queen. Annabelle*. HAHA!

The super sweet couple. :D At Rebel

Also with Anna*s friends

Congrats to Parker Lam*!

Thanks Dj Will* :D The view is gooooooood.

Finally, every has ended. No.41 Xavier*!

I prefer guys without makeup. LOL.
Poor thing. With suoer thick makeup.
But better den applying face camo cream during army right?

After Subway, SUPPER CLUB!

My camera like flash bang. xD

Look at his drunk face. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Guys love.

If I don't know them. And they stand together..
Erm... never mind.

Went to look for Sab* at the other side.

The others! They look tired.

Some photos from Stomp!

The first group of games.
This is Xavier*, the first to strip. HAHAHA!

She keep saying,"HOT HOT HOT HOT.......HOT!"

Waiting to get.......... :D

WINNER!!!! Their face like... doll? Barbie's Ken or something.

This picture make me LOL.

Now I know,......HAHA!!! So smokers.....
Be careful!!!

Reader:: MaxiEyes Chocolate! (:
Derrick*:: Hey! I'm good (: You?
Red:: Its real, not extendion. I've got natural curl and I always bun up my hair, so it curl up even more.
Lania:: You are? Haha. Its not up yet!
Guest:: I'm super fat. And I'm starting to eat slimming pills!
K.Bestie:: All the best for work!! Thankssss!!
Wings:: HAHAHA. Am I?

I'm not going to stop blogging.
So I'll start from this post, be more hardworking. :D


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