Friday, July 24, 2015

Happy Birthday ♥

Sorry for the wait!

Before the actual surprise, while the guests are on the way..
The beginning of his birthday celebration (:
Brought him to the executive lounge for some nomnomz and free flow beer

Finger food!

My kind of nomz!
Look at his hangover face :P

Enjoying the "sea view"

Thank you Grand Mercure for the birthday cake!

Make a wish!

HAHAHA! What a face!
A proper picture together!
Yummy carrot cake!
His type of nomz!
As the sky is getting darker..
We are ready to leave for the actual surprise!
When we were in the lift down to the room,
I asked him to close his eyes and follow me.
While I was trying to contact Wendy, telling her we are on the way down,
was so kanjiong that I forgot his eyes were close..
I went out of the lift and left him inside.
Biggest joke of the day!!
His birthday cake!!
Finally managed to bring the confused little boy back up to the room.
He was like.. What happened??
There was a couple inside the lift with him and he didn't know how to react.
My bad! HAHA!

Soon, we are back to the room!!
Surprise surprise!!
Teehee!! Look at his happy face!!
Make a wish~~

I don't remember what was the explanation of this picture.
Our faces.. LOL

Happy Birthday B!!

Photo time!!

One of my favorite picture!
Too cuteeeeeee!!

Hope you like the present!!
Handmade presents are the best!!

I realized his friends and family are all very good looking uh??
Thank you Shanon and your dad for helping me to plan for the awesome food menu!!

Teehee.. b finally came!!!

Wish you all the best for your future!!
Be happy, be safe, be good!!!
♥ Love you ♥

Hope you like this post.

Here to THANK everybody who was there to make this surprise happen!!

Thank you Wendy and friends for all the planing, helping to bring everyone up and also the decorations!!
Thank you Joseph for helping me bring everything to the hotel and also picking up the food for me even though you didn't stay for the party ):

Credits to AJ for the pictures.